Program Manager

Trainig Academy Pitching Session

After 12 weeks of intensive learning in 10 working groups the 40 REDpreneur Training Academy Participants presented 10 venture ideas in an online pitching event on May 19th 2021.
The feedback from our expert panel comprised of guests from ADA, IFRC and Impact Hub was very positive and we are looking forward to seeing the venture ideas being developed further in the REDpreneur Masterclass.

Impressions from the event

What's next? The Masterclass!

Successful Training Academy graduates and new Venture Ideas have now got the possibility to apply for the REDpreneur Master Class (starting in June 2021) for in-depth knowledge to get financial and business plans of selected business ideas ready for launching. The Master Class will take a deep look at impact ventures and offers a holistic and well-rounded approach to early-stage business development, through group sessions and targeted and individualized coaching, including 2 in person Workshops, planned in autumn 2021. This great possibility of meeting relevant stakeholders in the social business sphere and health sector, such as guest speakers, investors, entrepreneurs, experts and members of the Red Cross Movement is now open for registration for NGO´s and social entrepreneur Venture Teams  willing to translate a business idea from planning phase to implementation. The Master Class will also open to Corporate Learners which wants to profit from the benefits of the program.