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REDpreneur goes Athens

The first-of-its kind innovation and acceleration program of the Red Cross to support innovative impact driven social enterprises in the health and care sector goes Athens.
The second part of the REDpreneur Program, the Master Class Masterclass Infographic which started by the end of June 2021, takes a deep look at impact ventures and offers a holistic and well-rounded approach to early-stage business development, through group sessions and targeted and individualized coaching, including 2 in person Workshops in Athens-Greece and Vienna-Austria, in autumn 2021.

From the 4th until the 7th of October participants of the REDpreneur Program will meet in Athens for the first in person Workshop in the premises of Impact Hub Athens.

As part of the REDpreneur Workshop in Athens a joint evening event will take place. The so-called REDPRENEUR ROADSHOW, a joint event between Impact Hub Athens, New Paradigm Ventures, The Hellenic Impact Investing Network and the Red Cross offers REDpreneur participants the opportunity to meet innovators from Greece, Europe and beyond for a discussion on innovations and trends in the health and care sector. Paul Kidner (TIMA Foundation) and Kostis Tselenis (The Hellenic Impact Investing Network) will join the Panel Discussion.

Paul Kidner
Paul has over 20 years of experience in organizational development, leading the strategy, operations and management of a variety of innovative organizations, initially in the private sector and then in the social and philanthropic sectors. Paul is also on the Board of Directors of the EUobserver.
In the last year, Paul shifted from executive roles to an advisory role with the aim of supporting a wider array of non-profit organizations. He is currently a lead advisor to the TIMA Charitable Foundation, advising, evaluating and monitoring grant making for the Foundation in Greece, in support of the growing needs and challenges related to the elderly.
Kostis Tselenis
Kostis is considered a pioneer investment professional that helped shape sustainability and impact investing in Europe. As Managing Partner of the swiss impact office, his is allocating private and institutional wealth to investments with a strong social and environmental footprint. He is president of the Hellenic Impact Investing Network and has worked previously at the Investment Banking department of Swiss private bank Lombard Odier, and at Good Energies / Bregal, a pioneer global investor in cleantech energy efficiency and renewable energy infrastructure, and at Quadia, a Geneva based impact investing manager.
Kostis Tselenis
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What is Impact Hub?

The 2-year program REDpreneur, is facilitated by the Austrian Red Cross, funded by the Austrian Development Cooperation (ADA) and carried out by New Paradigm Ventures and Impact Hub Vienna. The Workshop in Athens will take place in the premises of Impact Hub Athens.

Impact Hub is a diverse community of founders, creatives, investors, established companies and NGOs who have one thing in common–they believe bold, entrepreneurial ideas can change the society for the better. At Impact Hub, people innovate with heart, balancing social responsibility with profitability to build a world that works for all. Impact Hub support the growth of socially impactful business ideas and technologies by hosting a vibrant community, an inspiring space, customized accelerator programs and building collaborative partnerships. Impact Hub Vienna and Impact Hub Athens are part of a global Impact Hub network of over 16,000 members in 100+ locations worldwide.

Who's Who


Christian Kloyber

Chris is Innovation Facilitator at Austrian Red Cross and passionate about social entrepreneurship and the shift towards an impact economy. Within the program he supports M&E related work and leads REDpreneur’s very own venture: REDpreneur 2.0 seeks to establish business skills and enterprise facilitation as financially sustainable service the Austrian RC can offer to support national society development. In his spare time he seeks to make positive impact as social entrepreneur in the textile industry.

What makes REDpreneur unique for Chris:

“Having been developing and implementing grant funded projects at Austrian Red Cross for over 10 years I saw some great outcomes disappear due to the lack of follow-up funding. Thus I am really grateful to be part of a journey towards more financial sustainability of our services. I can’t wait to see how we start putting more focus on delivering and expanding our services instead of constantly seeking for new funding sources.”

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About the REDpreneur program

The REDpreneur Program is a Business Skills and Enterprise Development Program supporting the development of impactful ventures for providing health and social services.
Main Target Region is East and South East Europe and South Caucasus. The program facilitated by the Austrian Red Cross is funded by the Austrian Development Cooperation (ADA) and carried out by New Paradigm Ventures and Impact Hub Vienna.

Partners of the REDpreneur program:

Albanian Red Cross, Armenian Red Cross, Georgia Red Cross, Red Cross of Montenegro, Red Cross of North Macedonia, Ukrainian Red Cross, Red Cross of Serbia.

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