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REDpreneur is a program for supporting the development of impactful ventures for providing health and social services in East and South East Europe and the South Caucasus.

What is REDpreneur?

REDpreneur is a 2-year program funded by the Austrian Development Cooperation which will support Red Cross societies and social entrepreneurs in East and South East Europe and the South Caucasus to develop impactful and sustainable ventures that seek to improve the access to and the quality of health and social services in their home countries.

Training Academy launched!

The REDpreneur online Training Academy that will bring business ideas and knowledge for developing mission driven enterprises to the next level has launched on 25th of February. 

The next training dates are: 

04 March 1 PM CET / Session 2 – Business Planning Theory 

11 March 1 PM CET/ Session 3 – Business Planning Case Studies

18 March 1 PM CET/ Session 4 – Financial Planning

25 March 1 PM CET/ Collective Coaching Session

08 April 1 PM CET / Session 5 – Enterprise-Led Development (ELD)

15 April 1 PM CET /  Session 6 – ELD Case Studies & Storytelling

REDpreneur coaching townhalls every Tuesday between 16.03. until 27.04. 3 – 4 PM CET

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Information on registration for the Master Class will be published timely after finalisation of the online Training Academy.

Watch the recording of our last introduction and Q&A session for more information!
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Who is it for?

For changemakers and
advocates of change

Red Cross / Red Crescent staff and
social entrepreneurs
(CSOs & Start-ups)
from the target region or worldwide

with business ideas
Red Cross / Red Crescent staff and
social entrepreneurs
(CSOs, startups)
from the target region or worldwide

without specific
business ideas (yet)
Foundations, investors and/or business angels worldwide
Interested to enter the program as an observer
e.g. to see the business case pitches?

The program

Program Info

Venture Track

Venture track participants develop and get their own business and financial plans ready for launching!

The REDpreneur program is for you if :

  • Your business case is a market-relevant service that improves access to Health and Social Services, is offered to specific target groups and can be funded through private and/or public payers;
  • Presented business case is feasible, sound, realistic and scalable;
  • Two of your core staff have the capacities and are available to participate during the time required;
  • Environmental and social criteria apply;
  • Priority in this program is given to applicants that work in or are interested to scale to East and South East Europe or the South Caucasus. 

Learner Track

Open to anyone…

…working for the Red Cross, a CSO or Start-up.

…interested to strengthen their business skills and learn more about entrepreneurship.

…motivated with a “social entrepreneur”-mindset.

  • Receive the tools and methodologies to develop your own business and financial plan in the future.
  • Get to know fantastic innovators in person and seize the opportunity to work alongside teams from East and South East Europe and South Caucasus.
  • Be exposed to a stirring pilot on entrepreneurship.
  • Assess opportunities for service provision initiatives in the Health and Social Services sector.

REDpreneur online Training Academy

Aim is to develop fundamental skills and concepts in the field of impact enterprise. Joint focus on selected business cases (exemplary fromthe Health and Social Services sector in East and South East Europe or the South Caucasus) through peer-to-peer learning will allow participants to immerse in an applied training environment.

  • Feb & Mar 2021
  • Fully online incl. webinars and coaching session
  • Requires 3-5h/ week to finish the course over 4-6 weeks
  • Get more content details here.
  • Cost for participation are EUR 500,- for ventures from non-target region and all learners. There are no cost for ventures from the target region.The fees present a barrier to your participation? Let’s find a solution together!

REDpreneur Masterclass

Allows participants to further develop in-depth knowledge and apply acquired skills through experimental learning. Get financial and business plans of selected business ideas ready for launching. 

  • May – Sep 2021
  • Online incl. webinars & coaching sessions and three face-to-face workshops 
  • In-person participation at three workshops and 4-5h/ week
  • Cost for participants in the Master Class are EUR 4,500,- for all learners (covering participation in the three face-to-face workshops). There are no cost for ventures. The fees present a barrier to your participation? Let’s find a solution together!