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The health landscape is changing globally. Demographic trends such as growing aging societies put health and social services systems in many countries under pressure to manage the rapidly increasing cost. On the other side, a growth of income and purchasing power in the past years is opening new opportunities for financing health related actitivites.
In this time of new opportunities, non-profit organizations have a unique chance to establish themselves in the health and social services sector to provide services to the population paid by a mix of financing sources to be explored and to anchor one pillar of their organisations’ mission in a sustainable market-driven business. The goal is to evolve new business models that enable them to be self-reliant and financially sustainable at least in one core activity, thus stronger in providing other types of humanitarian support needed in their country.


REDpreneur Training Academy

During the online Training Academy from February to Mai 2021, participants develop fundamental skills and concepts in the field of impact enterprise. Joint focus on selected business cases through peer-to-peer learning allows participants to immerse in an applied training environment. The Training Academy is held fully online through a mix of webinars and individual coaching sessions. Successful Training Academy graduates will have the possibility to apply for the following Master Class for in-depth knowledge to get financial and business plans of selected business ideas ready for launching.
The Participants of the REDpreneur Training Academy have different fields of expertise, everything from Project Management and Data Analysis, Finance Training to Social Policy, Yoga and Vegetarian Cuisine. We are happy to have such a diverse group as Business Development is based on a wide variety on skills.

Who´s Who?

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Diego Heatherman, Cohort Manager

Diego Heatherman brings more than 5 years of experience in social entrepreneurship and international development to the REDpreneur program, where he serves as cohort manager, moderating the sessions and overseeing the participants' learning experience. He began his career with Impact Hub Vienna, where he facilitated dozens of ideation workshops and worked to implement various incubation programs. While living in Skopje, he worked with the NGO Mladiinfo to design and deliver a 5-part idea development workshop series for young entrepreneurs. Most recently, he worked for GIZ in Senegal, where he identified and partnered with diverse local actors in the creative industries to pilot different approaches and develop a coherent impact strategy. He has since rejoined Impact Hub Vienna and holds a master’s degree in Socio-Ecological Economics and Policy from the Vienna University of Business and Economics.

What makes REDpreneur unique for Diego:
"It is inspiring to see one of the world's most established and impactful NGOs reach beyond the status quo and not only tolerate but actively promote innovation within its own structures. This creates a real chance to scale promising approaches for social impact."

You will get to know more about the REDpreneur Team in the next newsletters.

Buurtzorg - An Impactful Home Care Model from the Netherlands

Meet Jos de Blok - Funder and CEO of Buurtzorg

Jos de Blok is a globally recognized keynote speaker, visionary and founder and CEO of Buurtzorg, a Dutch organization offering community based (home) care services to more than 80.000 patients a year.
In this context and based on the Learnings about Buurtzorg, Jos de Blok will tell his own story to the participants of the REDpreneur Program.

This Online Event will take place on Tuesday, April 13 12:00-13:00 CET and will also be available to a larger prospective interested audience. A pre-registration is required. Please click on this link.

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About the REDpreneur program

The REDpreneur Program is a Business Skills and Enterprise Development Program supporting the development of impactful ventures for providing health and social services.
Main Target Region is East and South East Europe and South Caucasus. The program facilitated by the Austrian Red Cross is funded by the Austrian Development Cooperation (ADA) and carried out by New Paradigm Ventures and Impact Hub Vienna.

Partners of the REDpreneur program:

Albanian Red Cross, Armenian Red Cross, Georgia Red Cross, Red Cross of Montenegro, Red Cross of North Macedonia, Ukrainian Red Cross, Red Cross of Serbia.

For more information on the Program you are welcome to visit our Website
REDpreneur Program
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