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How to foster innovation within a social organisation?

We are glad to share with you the first publication of RED SOCIAL INNOVATION in cooperation with the Stanford Social Innovation Review.
The Review shares Inspirations, models & methodologies developed throughout the International Red Cross & Red Crescent Movement. Read about REDpreneur and other Good Practices of Social Innovation within the Red Cross & Red Crescent Movement.
Read more and download the publication on RED SOCIAL INNOVATION

REDpreneur Ventures 2021

Take a look at the Ventures incubated and accelerated by REDpreneur 2021 here:

Health data today - healthcare tomorrow

Members of our REDpreneur Alumni network tell their stories on how they experienced the Master Class, what effect the Master Class had on them and what they are doing now.
In this edition we are glad to share the story of Anne Mette from the Start-Up My Personal Healthbank (DK) participating in the Master Class with a health tech Venture on a Patient owned medical record app.
"We joined the Masterclass a bit late, in June 2021 as a venture. We started our venture in October 2020 and had by June when joining the Masterclass developed the concept but not yet the solution. Our dialogue with the other Masterclass colleagues definately help us shape the solution which we started developing in September 2021. Also the learnings around the markets from other ventures and the learners had great influence on how we decided to structure our thoughts concerning market access and potential users.
Another important aspect of the Masterclass was the extensive network that we have been given access to, not at least the global Red Cross Network. Being a start-up, network is key to success in many ways. With reference to and the possibility for testing ideas and methods with skilled resources from this well established and respected society we can advance our thoughts and ideas on a much more well founded ground which has huge impact when presenting to potential partners, investors and customers.
We are now ready for our first field test, starting in Tanzania end February 2022 where 24 clinicians, 8 nurses, app. 1000 patients, 2 phd's and 22.000 consultations over 6 months will give us documented knowledge around the value of our solution. We have secured investment for this test and solution improvement, but are still seeking funding for major new developments of the solution - more ideas have come up and surely more will come - a never ending development story!
We are greatful for all the support from the Redpreneur program and all the people we have met during this time, both trainers and participants. But it does not stop after the Masterclass - there is also the alumni network and continued activities that we have already benefitted greatly from - and that network will only grow when more Masterclasses have been conducted.
We can only recommend other start-ups to join the program when working in the field of impact-solutions and developing countries.
We will keep in touch."

Thomas & Anne Mette, founders of My Personal Health Bank "Health data today - healthcare tomorrow"

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REDpreneur Town Hall & Inspiration Session
What happens after the end of the Master Class?
What challenges does our REDpreneur Alumnis face in the implementation phase of their Ventures?
When do we plan to start with REDpreneur 2.0?

In order to find answers to these questions and many more we keep in touch with our Alumnis and also invite further Friends of REDpreneur to join our monthly Town Halls and Inspiration Sessions!

Join our monthly REDpreneur Town Hall & Inspiration Session every last Thursday in month between 13:00-14:00 CET, where we invite our Friends of REDpreneur (Alumnis, Trainers, Stakeholder, interested persons and further guests) to connect, exchange and share updates on everything around Social Entrepreneurship.

Date and Time of the next Town Halls:
31st March 2022 I 13:00 – 14:00 CET
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About the REDpreneur program

The REDpreneur Program is a Business Skills and Enterprise Development Program supporting the development of impactful ventures for providing health and social services.
Main Target Region is East and South East Europe and South Caucasus. The program facilitated by the Austrian Red Cross is funded by the Austrian Development Cooperation (ADA) and carried out by New Paradigm Ventures and Impact Hub Vienna.

Partners of the REDpreneur program:

Albanian Red Cross, Armenian Red Cross, Georgia Red Cross, Red Cross of Montenegro, Red Cross of North Macedonia, Ukrainian Red Cross, Red Cross of Serbia.

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