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Who we are

We offer business skills and social enterprise development capacitiesfor RCRC movement staff and volunteers globally
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We provide solutions for transformative social impact while striving for financial sustainability

REDpreneur offers an effective and sustainable delivery mechanism for business skills and enterprise development, Increased knowledge sharing and new partnerships. The 4 pillars of REDpreneur:

INSPIRATION SESSIONS || Entrepreneurship awareness raising

We spark the entrepreneurial spirit within RCRC movement by giving inspiring examples of income generating social entrepreneurship in RC core areas.

ONLINE TRAINING ACADEMY || Business Skill Training & Incubation

We offer a participatory and engaging online live training experience that everyone in the RCRC movement has access to.

MASTER CLASS || Enterprise Development Accelerator

For those staff or volunteers who have an idea that can generate social impact and income, we are there to support them through our accelerator program in the development of their venture.

REDPRENEUR NETWORK || Connecting RC&RC entrepreneurs

We connect RC&RC colleagues working on financial sustainability, social entrepreneurship & business development to share experiences  and provide mutual support.

REDpreneur is a unique immersive learning experience

We accelerate Business Skills & Social Enterprise Development of the RCRC Movement Globally, for more Impact, Innovation and Sustainable Service Delivery

REDpreneur aims to create a multiplier effect on humanitarian service delivery, by supporting more volunteers and employees who face an ever-growing demand for their services.

The need for developing Entrepreneurial Skills within the RCRC Movement has evolved over the last years through changing conditions regarding demography, human development as well as operating and financing models of the public, non-profit and private sector.

In 2020 AutRC therefore launched the Business Skills and Enterprise Development pilot project REDpreneur, focusing on the health sector in the target regions of East and South East Europe and the South Caucasus. Three main factors for change were identified, a) growing ageing societies which put health systems under increasing pressure to manage the rapidly increasing cost of healthcare and a re-distribution of roles between state, COSs and private sector b) substantial growth of income and purchasing power in the past years c) changes in the development funding architecture, such as the private and finance sector as new actors and competitors as well as the increasing need of RCRC Movement and other CSO partners for more financial sustainability.

The REDpreneur pilot project aimed to initiate and support a paradigm shift within RCRC Movement and CSO partners towards understanding, considering and applying market-based approaches to tackle social issues in the areas of health and social services. It developed, tested and refined a capacity building programme that empowered RCRC Movement and CSO partners to incubate social enterprise business models for health and social services that prioritized transformative social impact, while striving for financial sustainability by generating revenues through a mix of funding. The interest for the REDpreneur pilot program was higher than expected. Not only from the target regions of East and South East Europe and the South Caucasus, but also in further focus regions of the AutRC and beyond.

Following these trends, shifts and changes in operating structures are visible. Public development actors have increased their focus on leveraging development funds through private investments, intending to increase their impact and scale and contracting increasingly bigger budgets. In the Red Cross movement there are visible traces of a heavy donor dependency era over the last 10-20 years. It is realized by now, that relying solely on short term and project based external donor funding has developed into an unsustainable business model making them to a certain extent weak in their organisational and financial position and hindering strategic and long-term development of a healthy organization.

An IFRC global consultation process has pointed to the fact that many Red Cross / Red Crescent National Societies suffer from weak financial sustainability amongst others due to systematic reliance on short term external donor project funding. At the same time there are emerging trends in the focus regions of the AutRC (East Africa, East and South East Europe, South Caucasus), where national governments are starting to outsource governmental services such as emergency medical and health and care services to the private or non-profit sector. There is a higher need and demand of professional and well-organized services in the population, as the middle class is growing, and income is increasing.

That gives CSOs the possibility of addressing a new target group with high quality paid services, thus diversifying their income sources.

In this time of new opportunities, non-profit organizations have a unique chance to establish themselves and provide social services to the population paid by a mix of financing sources to be discovered and to anchor one or more pillar of their organisations mission in a sustainable market driven business. REDpreneurs goal is to evolve new business models, that enable them to be self-reliant and financially sustainable at least in one core activity, thus stronger in providing other types of humanitarian support needed in their country.

Challenges recognized are:

  • Multiple global risks and the increase in complex and protracted crisis brought on by demographic change as the increasing frequency of disasters and conflict as well as the climate crisis need new and layered solutions. NGOs financed by ODA and philanthropy alone cannot tackle these complex problems.
  • NGO services are often project based and depend on applying for follow-up grants, and / or donations to sustain the operations or results.

Opportunities we build on are:

  • NGOs are mission driven and on the forefront of promoting positive social and environmental impact.
  • For certain services there are customer groups able to pay for them. Creating enterprises that sell services on the market, opens up new financing opportunities by earning income and being potentially attractive to impact investors.
REDpreneur is the first-of its kind program to make RCRC services financially sustainable.

More people live safe, healthy and dignified lives.

The Austrian Red Cross social innovation platform REDpreneur empowers RCRC National Societies globally to develop financially sustainable services in their core areas

  • SDG 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, 11, 17
  • IFRC Strategy 2030
  • Austrian Red Cross IC Strategy (NSD in core areas)
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Elin Baranyai-Ulvestad is originally from Ålesund in Norway and joined the Austrian Red Cross for the first time in 2003. Elin acquired broad experience with international work during her years of service with the Austrian Red Cross. She has organized many international conferences and conventions and was a project coordinator for projects funded by the EU. After gaining several years of experience within marketing and sales in the private sector she is currently working as a Project Manager for the Business Skills and Enterprise Development program REDpreneur. The REDpreneur project is a first-of-its kind innovation and acceleration program of the Austrian Red Cross to support innovative impact driven Red Cross enterprises. Elin is passionate about working in an international environment and has lately become more and more committed to supporting Social Entrepreneurship within the Red Cross Movement. Elin grew up in Norway, has lived in Sweden, Germany and Austria and can speak Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, German and English. She holds a Master’s degree and has extensive professional experience in Marketing and Communication.

Trampusch E Portrait
Eduard Trampusch
Head of International Programmes [br]Austrian Red Cross
Elin Baranyai-Ulvestad
Program Management REDpreneur [br]Austrian Red Cross
Nikolaus Hutter 11_2022
Nikolaus Hutter
Lead Trainer REDpreneur [br]New Paradigm Ventures
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Hinnerk Hansen
Co-Founder and Managing Director [br]Impact Hub Vienna
Diego Heatherman
Cohort Manager REDpreneur [br]Impact Hub Vienna
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Christian Kloyber
Growth Lead [br]Austrian Red Cross
Sasha Lipman
Sasha Lipman
Trainer REDpreneur Ukraine
Gregor Riss
Innovation Trainer REDpreneur
Darya Makshyna
Darya Makshyna
REDpreneur Cohort Management Ukraine [br]Impact Hub Vienna
Eveline Fuchs
Eveline Fuchs
REDpreneur Finance [br]Austrian Red Cross
Charlotte Strümpel
Programme Development [br]IGD Focal Point [br]Austrian Red Cross
Michaela Pichler
REDpreneur Developer [br]Austrian Red Cross
Julia Eichhofer
REDpreneur.UA Manager [br]Austrian Red Cross
Anna Comperat
Anna Compérat
REDpreneur Community & Event Manager [br]Austrian Red Cross
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Mathias Brosenbauer
REDpreneur [br]Austrian Red Cross

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